KIANN (Contemporary Piano / Composer)


Kiann is a world-renowned Iranian-Italian citizen pianist, music producer and contemporary – modern crossover music composer.

Kiann has a different position as a composer of contemporary and cinematic music that touches people and reaches a wide audience.

The artist, who started his contemporary music project in 2014, reached a wide audience with his music, which is described as a kind of fusion, which he created by defining his own contemporary instrumental music through an innovative way of bringing together and connecting genres.

Kiann has been collaborating with the Austrian national television channel ORF since 2016, and his works have been used in television productions and shows. In addition to its presence in the television world, its outside music is frequently broadcast on the leading alternative radios of Europe such as Lounge FM.

Although the artist has earned reputation with his works on television and radio, he shows his loyal fans from all over the world as his greatest asset and success.

The successful artist joined the artists of the brand with an offer from Bösendorfer Piano in 2019. Bösendorfer is also sponsor of Kiann projects such as shooting his admirable “Vienna” composition and clip.
The artist’s discography includes pieces from two studio albums, a live recording album, piano solos, an opera and songs from a world music album project with South Africa and a cappella formation “Insingizi”.

Kiann is a truly self-taught musician. He was born in Tehran in 1981 and spent most of his adult life in Austria, Italy and England. At the age of 6, he started learning keyboards on his own. And he glorified this natural talent with the training he received.

The artist expresses his relationship with music as follows:
“Music found me, I didn’t call him or ever tried to figure out how to write music. Instead, I let my fingers hover over the keys and discovered my ability to write melodies that didn’t exist before. My creative process still works the same way. ”

He talks about the effects on music:

“As a boy raised in the 80’s generation, I have known a handful of outstanding musicians. He had Vangelis and his electro-orchestra, Kitaro with the Silk Road project, Jean Michel Jarre’s whimsical futuristic ideas, and Yanni’s breathtaking romantic melodies. These were my favorite musicians. I also listened to traditional, classical, pop, movie and even commercial music that were written, existed and accessible thanks to my insatiability with music. At my age, I was like a sponge, absorbing music from the environment. I think all this determined my music style and identity today.

Kiann’s music is considered by the authorities as world music, new age, contemporary classical or sometimes piano music, and is regarded as a mixture of many different genres.

The artist describes the process of creating the work and how his works were born as follows:

“I write whatever comes to my mind, I don’t target a specific genre. Music comes first as a melody and if the melody decides to be classical, I will follow its decision. You must let it go its own way, do not try to change your destiny by making an arrangement of your choice. “

Successful artist Presently lives and works in Vienna.

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