Sergei Yerokhin (Piano)
Sergei Yerokhin


“In the three Schubert lieders transcribed by Liszt, Yerokhin managed to recreate the dark and broken spirit of Schubert’s songs so that we don’t miss the voice …

And in the second part it was the turn for the famous “Pictures at an Exhibition” … a very personal and interesting version of a work that, yet heard a hundred times, kept the interest when it was performed by the Russian pianist”

Juan Carlos Galtier “Heraldo de Aragón” / Zaragoza 2020

“Sergei Yerokhin has shown himself to be a master of great height with a demanding program and an absence of dramatic bargains … bringing creativity as a predominant note..”

Ricardo Hontañón. “El Diario Montañés” / Santander 2017

A pianist of recognised standing and one of the most brilliant of his generation, Sergei Yerokhin has played in the most prestigious concert halls: Wigmore Hall in London, Herkulessal in Munich, the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires, the Grand Verdi Hall in Milan, the Grand Hall of the Conservatory in Moscow, the Philharmonic in St. Petersburg, etc., as well as in leading auditoriums, philharmonic societies and theatres in Spain: the Royal Theatre and National Auditorium of Madrid, the Palau Music Hall in Barcelona, the Palau Music Hall in Valencia, the Festival Palace in Santander, the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, the Philharmonic Society in Bilbao, the Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastián, the Philharmonic Society in Alicante, the Philharmonic Society in Oviedo, the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada, etc.

As a soloist, Sergei Yerokhin has played with orchestras in many countries: the Moscow and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestras, the Symphonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Santo Domingo, the Symphonic Orchestra of Panama, the National Symphonic Orchestra of Radio and Television of Poland, the Symphonic Orchestra of Sydney, the Chamber Orchestra of Sydney, the Brandenburg Chamber Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Scotland, etc. In Spain: the RTVE Symphonic orchestra, the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Principality of Asturias, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Basque Country, the Symphonic Orchestra of Bilbao, the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León, etc.

He has worked with many renowned conductors, among them N.Alexeev, S.Bishop-Kovacevich, M. Błaszczyk, E.Colomer, S.Comisiona, A.Chesnokov, P.I.Calderon, J.Furst, E.Garcia Asensio, A. Gulianitskiy, A.Joo, V.Jurowski, J. Kochnev, J.Lopez Cobos, T.Mikkelsen, M.Pijarowskiy, V. Ponkin, A.Rahbari, C.Riazuelo, A.Ros Marba, I. Shpiller, V.Sinayskiy, V. Sutek, A.Vederenikov, A.Wit, V.Ziva…

His solo recitals and performances have been recorded and broadcast by radio and television in Russia, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Australia, etc.

Born in Moscow to a family of musicians, after his initial lessons with his father, Sergei Yerokhin studied with the Russian teacher Vadim Sukhanov, making his debut as a soloist at the age of 16 with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Minsk, with an interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s First Concerto and Rachmaninov’s Second. He continued his studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow under the wing of the pianist and teacher Dimitri Baskirov.

He won many international awards: the Sidney Piano Competition, the “Ferruccio Busoni” Piano Competition, the “Viotti” Piano Competition, the “Alessandro Casagrande” Piano Competition, the “Ettore Pozzoli” Piano Competition, the “Vicenzo Bellini” Piano Competition, the “Tchaikovsky” Piano Competition, the Santander Piano Competition, etc.

He has played in duos and toured with artists of international prestige, such as the violinist and composer Vadim Brodsky, the cellist Borislav Strulev, the flutist Marc Grawels, etc.

Sergei Yerokhin performed at the Opening Concert of the Enrique Granados Auditorium of Lerida as soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Thuringia before H.M. Queen Sofía. He was also guest soloist at the Opening Concert of the “Russian Philharmonic” Symphonic Orchestra of Moscow.

In 2021, Sergei Yerokhin will tour with “I Musici” all around Europe. This tour is dedicated to 70th anniversary of “I Musici” , to celebrate their spectacular heritage with their auidences. “I Musici +Sergei Yerokhin 70th Anniversary Tour” will take start with Spain’s most famous festival with a great repertoire & will visit most of the European music capital cities.

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